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Sixt Palma de Mallorca Airport

Sixt car hire has offices at the Palma de Mallorca airport and many people love using these rental cars company because it offers very unique services at affordable rates.

A traveller can make reservations or even return a hired car at any time of the day. A traveller can also go to the Sixt website if they would like to reserve their vehicle in advance. During summer, there are a lot of travellers to the island of Mallorca, and this airport is usually particularly busy. Therefore, most travellers are usually advised to make advanced booking through the internet.

Sixt car hire offers its customers a lot of benefits, whether they frequent the car hire service or whether they are just occasional travellers. The Sixt Express card is free, and customers who have it can choose between quick-check-in at the terminals to other services such as mobile-check-in and also online-check-in through their website.

These unique services provided by Sixt car hire company have made it a favourite company, as individuals are able to bypass the counters and they can simply insert their credit card or express card into a terminal, and they will access the reservation they booked online, after which, they can choose one of three cars and after that their contract is printed. This is what is known as the quick-check-in service, but with the telephone-check-in, one has to make a phone call to their offices about four hours before to be cleared, and with the online option, they have access to their rental preferences on the internet.

There is a wide range of cars for use by this company, ranging from smaller Peugeot 107 to larger vehicles such as the Peugeot 407 and the Renault Fluence. Another unique service offered by Sixt car hire rental services is that unlike other companies, the smaller vehicles can be rented by individuals from the age of eighteen and it is only the larger vehicles that require the traveller to be above the age of twenty one.