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Hertz Palma de Mallorca Airport

Hertz car hire is an ideal car hire service for business and leisure travellers to the island of Mallorca through Palma de Mallorca airport. This car hire company operates according to the tourist season, and when the number of tourists are high, the car hire company operates for twenty four hours on every day of the week except Thursday when from seven in the morning to about midnight. However, during off-peak seasons, this car hire company only operates from seven in the morning to midnight.

Peak seasons usually mean a lot of demand for rented vehicles, and travellers are advised to use the internet to make advanced bookings so that they do not miss out on the vehicle of their choice. When booking your car, you could specify other details such as a child seat, a Navigation system as well as luggage racks. Hertz offers their navigation system to travellers as the island of Mallorca can be quite strange for new travellers, and they might lose their way. The navigation system has different language options, and it can give you directions in each turn and it also has very accurate visuals and it is quite user friendly.

Frequent hertz renters can get additional benefits if they join the Hertz #1 club as this club offers loyal customers money and time saving advantages as well as discounts. Hertz car hire company is the oldest car rental company in the world, and it therefore has a rich history of quality provision which has helped to stand the test of time. This company also has a unique range of vehicles known as the Green collection which help the drivers to save money on fuel, and examples include the Renault Clio, Octavia and Leon Eco. There are other categories which include the fun collection which has vehicles such as Renault Megane Cabrio and the Volvo S60.