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Palma de Mallorca Airport Arrivals

The majority of international flights arriving at Palma de Mallorca are connected to the terminal via an air bridge, which means you will leave the plane at the front door. Should your aircraft be parked away from the terminal you will disembark from the front or rear doors and either walk to the arrivals area or be transferred by bus.

If you are of reduced mobility, you can request assistance at least forty-eight hours in advance via the airport website. Your airline or tour operator will also provide assistance on request.

Passport Control

Travellers on Spanish internal flights do not have to pass through passport control. Passengers on international flights will be required to show a passport, valid for the duration of your stay, or a national ID card.

Baggage Reclaim

From immigration, you will be directed to the baggage reclaim hall where the luggage from your flight will be allocated to one of the nineteen carousels. The large overhead screens will tell you which number belt to go to. If you only have hand baggage you can pass straight through this area.

Each carousel has a monitor showing the airline, flight number, place of origin and the baggage handling agent.

Should your luggage fail to appear, or if it is damaged, report it as soon as possible to the handling agent whose offices are in the baggage reclaim hall. You will need to fill in a Lost/Damaged Property form, giving your contact details and the address you are staying in Mallorca.

Where your luggage is damaged, take photographs while you are still in the baggage reclaim area, if possible with a handling agent in attendance. You should also report lost or damaged baggage to your airline or tour company representative.

There is a currency exchange office in the baggage reclaim area. However, for changing money to Euro, you will usually get a better exchange rate in the tourist resorts.

Customs Hall

When you are certain that you have all of your bags you will then need to pass through customs. If you have nothing to declare you can go through the green channel. Some goods are restricted such as certain foods, plants, expensive electronics and cash in excess of €10,000. If you have any of these, they should be declared in the red channel.

The European Commission website has full details on duty-free allowances and restricted goods. If you have any doubts as to whether you need to declare something, ask one of the customs officers.

Arrivals Hall

Once you have cleared customs you will pass through the exit into the arrivals hall. You will not be allowed back through after this point. If you have booked a transfer or you are travelling with a tour company, this is where their representatives should be waiting. Or, if you have arranged for a friend to meet you, the meeting point is in the arrivals hall. The offices of the car rental companies are also situated here. If you wish to rent a car, you can find out more information on this here.

There are internet access points and free Wi-Fi available in this area. Other facilities here include a tourist information desk, bank ATMs and a lost & found desk. If you have to wait for transport or you are waiting for passengers, there is a restaurant and a cafeteria. There is also a shop selling a wide variety of goods. There is more information on the restaurant and a cafeteria here.

For your onward journey, signs will direct you to the car park, which is a short walk away, the taxi rank, bus stops and the coach park. If you have not already checked public transportation from the airport, there is detailed information available on this page.