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Interactive Images & Walkthroughs

If you have not been to Palma de Mallorca airport before, have a look at the following images to see the inside and outside of the airport. The shopping areas shown, as are the departure are arrival halls and the baggage reclaim area.

All of these images are interactive, so they can be rotated 360°, and with some, you can even more forwards and backwards. This is controllable with your mouse.

Departures Area

Below are a few images of the departures areas of the airport. Take a tour to see what you can see.

Some of the check-in desks and the surrounding areas can be seen in the following images.

Arrivals Area

After clearing immigration, the the first place you will see is the Baggage Reclaim area as below. The car rental desks are also within this area.

This is the door you will go through before you see the delights of Mallorca.

Bus Park

If you need to catch a bus, it will be located in this parking area.

Departures Lounge

One of the most popular shops in the terminal in the duty-free shop. This is what it looks like.

Boarding Gates

There is a Starbucks located in Module C.

Mcdonald's is also located in Module C.

A few more shops in Module C can be seen below.

Module C

Module B is smaller, but this is what it looks like.