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Budget Palma de Mallorca Airport

Just as the name suggests, Budget car hire at Palma de Mallorca airport offers travellers with an affordable travel option. The offices can be found at the ground floor of the airports car park, but it is much better and more convenient for travellers to hire their rental cars online. It is advisable for people to book early so that they can get the car that they desire.

The requirement for hiring a vehicle with this company is that the primary renter must be 21 years old or over, and must have a driving license from their country. Drivers below twenty five years old will also pay an extra underage fee for each day that they use the vehicle. Vehicles can be paid by credit card, and Budget car hire accepts American Express cards, Eurocard, Access, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and Budget Charge cards. There are various vehicle models, ranging from Ford Ka Trend to Renault, Megane GT and Audi A3 SB. There are various vehicle categories ranging from small cars to economy cars and Compact category of cars. There are vehicles that are manual, while others have manual transmission as well as air conditioning.

The airport office has staff who are always ready to answer any questions that a client may have. It is important to find out everything about the car that you are hiring, including the type of fuel that it uses because if anything goes wrong with the vehicle, you will be asked to pay for the damages. You should also have emergency numbers which you can call in case the of problems with the vehicle as the car hire company will be available to help you in case anything happens to you while you are on the road.

Budget car hire company, just like many other rental car companies in Palma de Mallorca complete a report about the condition of the vehicle, and when the vehicle is returned, its condition is compared to the details of the report, and in case there are any damages, the renter will be charged for them.