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Palma de Mallorca Airport Car Hire

Mallorca is a jewel in the Mediterranean with amazing views at every turn. From the city of Palma with its towering cathedral and winding medieval streets, to the mountainous interior, remote beaches along the rugged coast and sleepy villages, there is so much to discover.

There are plenty of coach tours you can book and the public buses are cheap but, for complete freedom to explore the hidden gems of the island, hiring a car is a great option. The main rental companies have offices in the arrivals hall at the airport and other local firms operate in the tourist resorts.

Whether you'd like a car for just a couple of days or the whole of your time in Mallorca, booking online in advance is the most convenient, and generally the cheapest way of renting. This also ensures that you get the car you want, especially at peak times when the most popular vehicles are quickly sold out.

Fuel Policy & Excess Insurance

However, be careful when using car rental comparison websites as what appears to be the cheapest option often has hidden charges. You might have to pay for a full tank of fuel at far more than the pump price and return the car empty, which is very difficult. Look for the companies that use a 'full to full' fuel policy so that you only pay for the fuel that you use.

Most rentals include insurance cover, but when you arrive to collect your car, the rental agent, who is on commission, will try to sell additional excess cover. You can usually add this at the time of booking at a much cheaper rate. Another option is to buy your own rental car excess insurance, either for a one-off hire or for an annual policy if you rent frequently, at a fraction of the cost.

Documents Required

At the rental office, if you pre-booked, you will need the booking voucher and a credit card in the main driver's name, along with your passport and driving licence. Since the DVLA did away with the paper licence counterpart, UK drivers may be required to provide a code which enables your driving record to be checked. Full details can be found on the UK government website here.

Before Driving in Mallorca

Once you have the keys to your car you probably just want to get on the road. But you should take some time to check the car inside and out for any damage. Make a note and take photos of all scratches, dents and stains, paying particular attention to the wheels. You will be glad when, on returning the vehicle, the agent points out 'new' damage that you can prove was pre-existing.

Also take time to familiarise yourself with the vehicle, especially if you're not used to left-hand drive. Set the seat and mirrors in the right positions. When you set off, take it easy until you feel confident with the car and the roads.

Where to Go in Mallorca

The capital city of Mallorca is Palma where you can explore the historic streets and visit the cathedral, castle and the many museums, galleries, studios, restaurants and bars.

The beautiful village of Valldemossa is nestled in a valley of forested hillsides among the mountains in the west of the island. The peace of the 13th century monastery with its stunning views inspired composers such as Chopin.

Take a drive on the dramatic Cala de Sa Calobra, a road carved through rock and clinging to the mountainsides as it winds via numerous hairpin bends down to the coastal village of Sa Calobra. Reward yourself with a swim from the famous remote beach of Torrent de Pareis.

From the ancient town of Calvià you can explore the 50 km of coastline with its rugged cliffs, remote bays and superb beaches.

These are just a handful of the delights that Mallorca has to offer but there are many more just waiting for you to discover them. You can view more attractions on top 10 list here.