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Avis Palma de Mallorca Airport

Travellers who alight at Palma de Mallorca airport have a variety of options to choose from in terms of car hire services, but the best by far is Avis car hire services. This rent a car company’s offices are always open every day from seven thirty in the morning to midnight, and travellers have the option of booking a car from their website. After collecting luggage, clients can walk to the ground floor car park where rental cars are packed. If you have an advance reservation, you will have an easier time on arrival.

Booking online has its advantages as one can view all the various options available and choose a category that they like so that it can be reserved for them on their arrival date. There are various terms which should be followed by individuals who would like to rent a car, but they are not difficult to understand or adhere to. For starters, the person renting the vehicle must be twenty three years old or above, but luxury vehicles and premium vans, full size vans and standard size vans can only be hired by individuals who are older than twenty five years. Avis car hire services provide customers with membership which enables them to enjoy benefits and discounts which are not enjoyed by other customers. Joining this membership is free, but the treatment that the preferred member will receive is invaluable.

Vehicles at Avis car hire company are grouped according to their category, and not their model, and this is how the client is to hire them. The groups range from mini to premium vans, with mini vehicles including small vehicles while the larger vehicles have up to five doors and enough room for luggage.

Larger Avis car hire vehicles include Audi A4, BMW 320 AND Audi A6, and there are also a range of minivans and vans which can accommodate up to nine travellers.